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Our prices for website development and website development, website promotion and website optimization, website support - Best Web Project (Moscow).

Business card site price - 20 000руб.
Blog Price - 20 000руб.
Landing Page price - 25 000руб.
Small business price - 35 000руб.
Company official website price - от 50 000руб.
Corporate website price - от 70 000руб.
Online store price - от 100 000руб.
Premium website price (Exclusive website)  - от 150 000 руб.


Website Technical Support - from 10 000 rubles / month.
Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - from 10 000 rubles / month.
Website promotion - from 20 000 rubles / month.
Contextual advertising - from 1 000 rubles
Design by agreement
Logos, clipart by agreement
Website revision by agreement
Template code validation by agreement
SEO internal optimization by agreement
Layout from 10 000 rub.
Stretch cms from 25 000 rub.
Programming from 25 000 rub.
Transferring the site to another shared hosting from 5 000 rub.
Install SSL Certificate from 5 000 rub.
Treatment and elimination of the consequences of a viral attack from 13 000 rub.


If for any reason, you do not want us to post the work done and authorship in the resume.

20% of the order value

If you do not want your site to be hosted link to the developer's site.

10% of the order value

If you have never had to deal with the issue of designing and creating an electronic resource, the price of creating a website in your thoughts can vary in very different limits. We will dispel your uncertainty - on the site of our company you can find the cost of developing a site of any complexity, which, at the same time, will also be the most profitable.

Best Web Projects - ЦеныFor those who have already become acquainted with the average cost of developing sites, we suggest simply finding on our pages the most acceptable option in terms of price-quality ratio.

In addition, we are pleased to introduce you to such a site development item as the cost of promotion. For those who have already taken steps to create an electronic representation of their business, it often seems that the upper bar of the price of such services is somewhere between the clouds. This is not so - see for yourself.

Whatever experience you have in maintaining sites, you will need a person who will monitor the technical condition of the resource and update the content on it, saving your time. The cost of maintaining the site in our price list will surely please those who care about the quality of the page for their work and value their time. We do not hide the cost of our work, so it will not be a surprise to you.

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