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Order Premium Website

Development time, days - 75
Thematic Design
Domain name
Hosting - 2 months
Pages - 30 and more


Registration of a corporate site in the search engines Yandex and Google

150 000 rub (minimum)

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Премиум сайт (Эксклюзивный сайт) Премиум сайт (Эксклюзивный сайт)
150 000 rub

Premium website (Exclusive website)

The websites of your colleagues and competitors are similar to each other and you do not want to stand in line with them? Then such a service as creating a premium website is especially for you.
If the niche in which you work has a high workload and the number of competitors is in the tens, then it may seem that you will not surprise anyone with anything. Perhaps, in our time it is rather difficult to surprise a demanding consumer, but definitely worth a try.

Premium sites are authoring with a unique, like nothing design. These are resources created taking into account all the wishes of customers and using the most advanced developments in the field of website development. Such pages become popular no matter what topic they are dedicated to. Any premium brand that focuses on working with sophisticated and solvent audiences must be refined, “catch the eye” and inspire confidence with its stability.

You can see the templates of premium sites by contacting our company. We have created more than one premium official website or premium store, so we are happy to present you the results of our work.

Exclusive sites differ from the usual ones in the quality of the elaboration of each element, be it part of the graphic design or text on one of the pages. Such sites sometimes take a little longer than the rest and cost much more, but before asking yourself the question “Do I want to save on the site of my business?” remember that avaricious always pays twice. Not a single successful business, no matter what the Internet “gurus” say, starts without investments. If you are planning a minimum investment, then spend your money on creating a premium professional website. Customers will appreciate the beauty and quality of the page.

 If you are targeting high-income customers, then your company’s website must be categorized as a “business class”. Being on the pages of your resource, potential customers should feel as comfortable as possible and understand that they are in the atmosphere they are used to. It is for this sake that it is worth deciding to order a premium site, even if financially it will cost a little more than usual. Your benefit that you will receive from the operation of the site will be disproportionately higher than the money you spent on its creation.

Do not forget that the site on the Internet is the face of your company. Let it be done in premium format.