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Company official website

Development time, days - 21
Thematic Design
Domain name
Hosting - 2 months
Pages - 20
50 000 rub

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Официальный сайт Компании Официальный сайт Компании
50 000 rub
45 000 rub
Сайт для компании: Мастерская художественной ковки Сайт для компании: Мастерская художественной ковки
80 000 rub
Сайт для компании по ремонту квартир «Профи» Сайт для компании по ремонту квартир «Профи»
70 000 rub

Company official website

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of different information, but its abundance sometimes raises the question of the reliability of certain facts. Indeed, along with official data on the Web, various rumors and “ducks” are actively spreading, which often harm the reputation of companies.

Tell your customers the truth about yourself!

In most of these cases, the consumer audience is looking for reliable information on the so-called official sites - resources that are the Internet representations of an organization. It is here that the company reports on all the latest news, promotions and innovations that relate to the organization’s policy regarding consumers and cooperation with partners.

To order an official website means to declare yourself as a serious independent company that is ready to work closely with consumers, inform them, and listen to the opinion of the audience.

It is a mistake to think that the official website of the company is the prerogative of budget organizations that publish information of a legislative type. Every self-respecting company should have an official website, because it is through it that communication with the target audience and potential customers will take place. Turnkey development of a company’s website involves posting detailed information regarding the history and activities of the company, corporate identity, management and leading experts. Here is a list of services offered, latest news, promotions and contacts. And also - a feedback form for the most convenient interaction with site visitors.

The official site is a kind of company face, and it depends only on you how potential customers see it. Make sure that the official website of your business is presentable and has user-friendly functionality. And we are ready to help with this!

Trust the experts!

The creation and development of sites in Moscow - this is what we can call aces. Therefore, we are ready to guarantee the quality of the work done to each client and that your order will be completed in the optimal time frame. Order your resource with us, and get a real professional job that will appeal to both employees and visitors. Turnkey website development by our experts is a good opportunity to get the maximum benefit with the minimum investment. In addition, you do not need to worry about how the process is going - everything is under the control of our team, which has vast experience in this field.

We know how to get attention. And you?