Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 9 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Maintenance of the Site.

Site maintenanceTechnical support of the web project.
- elimination of errors and failures
- maintenance of the site
- implementation of technological platform updates
- control of compatibility of updates with the used functionality

Solving individual tasks during the operation of the site
- setup mail and letter collection
- organization of backups
- optimization of the operation of individual modules, functions, tools.

Providing advice on technical issues.

The cost of service is from 10,000 rubles / month.

Website Maintenance

To date, the site is necessary for almost everyone who provides some services, sells some products or simply promotes their creativity on the network. The need to have their own resource is faced with the fact that for some, managing the maintenance of an Internet site is a complex and not very clear process.

Rid yourself of the need to delve into complex technical details - order comprehensive site maintenance in our company and enjoy only the effect that your presence on the World Wide Web gives.

Website maintenance is a service not only for large companies, which owns huge portals. Look at our rates, site maintenance on them will cost you quite inexpensively!

Creation and maintenance of sites is our main daily activity, so you can be sure that you will receive only high-quality services. If you need to refine a site that does not function as you would like, our experts will conduct the necessary diagnostics, identify problems that will be easily fixed and answer all questions regarding the subject of “site maintenance”.

Maintenance and support of sites by professionals is a guarantee that your resource is not threatened by virus attacks or other problems of the server on which the information is located. Specialists who take care of maintaining your site and maintaining it will always make all the necessary backups in time and will protect you as much as possible from any cyber problems.

The maintenance of web sites also consists in periodically updating the information located on its pages. When resorting to this service, you don’t have to worry that old articles will "hang" on your resource, bothering visitors to death. Competent content will consistently appear on its pages, helping to promote the site in the issuance of search engines.

Maintenance of the site will allow you to save yourself from worries about ensuring the security of the resource and storing information on it. In the process, the site may require minor technical improvements, the implementation of which our specialist can easily handle.

Allow yourself not to think about how your site functions - just get what you want from it, that is, raising sales, increasing recognition and so on!