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Order a service - Site content

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Website Support: Filling and maintenance of the site - from 5 000 rubles. (the cost depends on the amount of inserted information on the site)
Copywriting - from 500 rubles. (1000 characters)

Filling a site with information (working with site content) - as a stage in creating a site.

After the site design is developed and the site management system is installed, our next step is to fill the site with information (texts, tables and charts, photos, audio files, videos). If the customer provides all the necessary information, then we publish it on the site pre-processing photos and editing texts (the number of pages depends on the type of site).

But if there are no such materials, our copywriters will try to be as creative as possible to the task and write the main texts, articles in the shortest time ... pick up thematic photos giving them a decent look.


Site content

What primarily attracts visitors to the site and is able to turn a potential customer into a regular? Color, design, company brand names? The main thing is the text content of the site, which in combination with media content can create real marketing wonders! The main thing is that the filling of the site with information is done by a professional in his field, a word mage and a person with a good sense of humor and style.

The word is the main weapon of marketing.

Creating and filling the site is one of the main tasks that the company sets itself, wanting to quickly get a large audience of consumers. Regardless of what you sell or offer, it is interesting content that can make an ordinary visitor become your client, call or write, buy or use! Hence the conclusion that the content and support of the site is a prerequisite for success for any company.

Content - what should it be? Interesting. And both for people and for search engines. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to achieve the effect that the same text is liked by both people and machines. Search engines love the "keys", their exact occurrence and a certain frequency in the text. People love something unobtrusive. Interesting, fascinating, unique - something that is lacking in ordinary life. By the way, search engines also like uniqueness. Moreover - “written-off” texts, i.e. with a low percentage of uniqueness are able to throw the site out of the TOP. That is why, when planning to order content on a site, you should make sure that the person who will write and post content on your site is professional.

Trust only reliable performers!

It will be beneficial from any angle: you will receive your order on time, the texts will be unique, and therefore the site will become interesting to visitors. Today, there are a lot of self-taught freelancers who believe that a good knowledge of the Russian language is enough to engage in copywriting (writing texts). Yes, the cost of filling the site in this case can cost almost nothing, but in the end the result of using such texts on the site will be practically zero. Alas, filling the site with content, the cost of which does not involve investments, will not bring any result. Moreover, it can result in damage - after all, you have already spent on creating the site, and entrusting it to the hands of amateurs, you risk losing what you just got. It’s not profitable for you, is it?