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Online store

Development time, days - 45
Thematic Design
Domain name
Hosting - 2 months
Pages - 20 + 10 pages of goods


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Includes: (main and 3 internal - product catalog, detailed product card, shopping basket)

100 000 rub

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Интернет-магазине: Cпортивное питание! Интернет-магазине: Cпортивное питание!
150 000 rub
Интернет магазин для уборочной техники Интернет магазин для уборочной техники
70 000 rub
Интернет магазин строительных материалов Интернет магазин строительных материалов
200 000 rub
Интернет-магазин Интернет-магазин
100 000 rub
90 000 rub
Интернет магазин Интернет магазин
80 000 rub
Интернет-магазин проф. косметики Интернет-магазин проф. косметики
100 000 rub

Online store

Today, in order to purchase any product or use any service, it is not at all necessary to leave the boundaries of the home or work. It is enough to have access to the Internet - and already in it you can buy and order anything - from household appliances and building materials to household chemicals and food. Just a couple of clicks - and the delivery service is already rushing to the customer!

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the vast majority of entrepreneurs prefer not to open a store in the form of a pavilion in a market or a shopping center, but prefer to order an online store development service. This eliminates the need to spend money on renting or buying premises, as well as being limited to the boundaries of a certain city, or even a district.

 Let the site sell!

Online store Moscow is a great modern alternative for business of any format. The consumer audience in this case is almost unlimited, which means that there is the possibility of real growth and popularity. It all depends on how well the website of the online store is created, and whether it will be ideally convenient for any of the users.

Of course, many related factors are important: the completeness of information about goods and services presented in the store, color design and design, convenient placement of sections and order forms.

All these subtleties can play a decisive role for the popularity of the company, which means your profit. After all, every businessman is interested in the competitiveness and relevance of his business. Therefore, we propose not to let everything go by chance, but to order a selling site from our company's specialists.

You can order an online store site right now!

We have created and put on rating positions many resources of this type. This allows you to give each client a guarantee of quality and success of the work performed. Do you want your online store, which will differ from other sites in a stylish design, original design and convenient functionality? Are you looking for where to order an online store that will attract customers, will become simple and convenient for use for each of the visitors, without requiring a huge investment from you?

We are ready to make such a platform exclusively for you in the shortest possible time! Start making profits immediately, leaving all competitors far behind! Interested in? In this case - we are waiting for your application!