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Domain and Hosting

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Domain and Hosting

How to choose a domain name?
Now, almost any company needs a website on the Internet to succeed. It should be convenient for visitors - accessible at any time of the day, load quickly. It is desirable that the domain name by which users access the site is short, sonorous and easy to remember. All these amenities are paid, a solid company will not be able to maintain and promote a quality website for free.


A domain is a text identifier for a computer that is assigned a 4- or 6-byte digital combination on the Internet that uniquely identifies it on the network. Numbers are hard to remember for a person, so they are replaced with text.

In order for all Internet DNS servers to know which IP address (digital) corresponds to a domain name, the domain must be entered into their databases, the maintenance of which is costly. Therefore, domain registration is a paid service. Domain names are rented with an annual fee.

The distribution of domain names is handled worldwide by InterNIC, and in Russia by ROSNIIROS. More recently, it became possible to register a domain with the spelling of the name in Cyrillic; Latin letters and some other characters can also be used. Parts of the domain name are separated by a dot, and the servers read them in reality from right to left. The ending .ru shows that the domain is located in Russia, and the previous part of the name is a first-level domain, often consonant with the name of the company renting it.

Users make mistakes when typing, and for large companies it makes sense to register themselves with similar spelling domain names, except for the basic "correct" one. You can buy a domain name that is uppercase, except for uppercase. So it will be more convenient for users, and competitors will not be able to take advantage of the situation and redirect part of the “erroneous” traffic to their sites.


Hosting is a place where files of a site or other Internet services are physically placed on a disk (usually with duplication). Good hosting is always available and fast. If the computers of the company owning the site sometimes turn off or there are other problems, it is better to buy hosting from a reliable provider. He will take care of registering a hosting with an agreed domain name, registration of hosting and other details do not concern the client who receives technical support and a guarantee of the site’s operability.