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Domain registration and domain renewal.

The correct domain name - should carry the maximum semantic load and contain the goal of creating the site, it is very important for the promotion of the site.

Criteria for choosing a domain name: brevity, simple pronunciation, ease of writing, memorability, thematic.

Each country is assigned a code designation (2-3 letters), which is called a first-level domain or domain of that country (according to an international agreement).

First Level Domain - Top Level Organization Zones. >>>

Regional zones (country domains). >>>

Domain registration - from 500 rubles. com / .com / .net / .org / .biz / .info / .su / .tel / .me / .cc / .tv /

Domain (domen): domain registration and domain renewal

What is a domain? - What is Domen? What is a domain? “Domain” - from the English word Domain (region, territory). Before domains appeared in the distant past, when the WWW - World Wide Web appeared, all computers connected to the network and accessed them using an IP address. IP-address is a numeric identifier “numeric name - numeric address” of each computer (host) that is connected to the Internet. It consists of the network address and the address of this host in this network and is the following: four decimal numbers (from 0 to 255), with a separator "." (dot, for example:

List: First Level Domains - Regional zones (country domains).

You can remember one IP address, two, three .... But no matter what geniuses we are, the number of IP addresses that we can remember is limited, which is why for the sake of simplicity we came up with the concept of a domain (domain name, domain - for example, www.bestwebproject .ru), which is much easier to remember, as it carries a semantic meaning. This made it easier for network users to access an IP address by giving it a domain name. What happens when we type in a domain name in a line of any browser? Characters typed by us - the “domain name” converts a special DNS server to IP

That is, the Domain is a unique text identifier of the computer (host), the Right domain name is short, pronounced, easy to spell, rememberability, thematic. Connected to the Internet, in other words, it is a set of words, choosing which Latin letters and separator are used dot (no punctuation or spaces are used in the domain). The domain names are registered by InterNIC (in Russia it is represented by ROSNIIROS). That is, this company registering a domain - enters into the database of the DNS server information about the domain and the IP address that corresponds to this domain.

Domain structure: Let's say - consists of two parts: right (ru) and left (Bestwebproject). So on the right side we see “.ru” - this is a zone, i.e. top level domain. The left side, the second-level domain should correspond to the name of the company, trademark or brand and, importantly, should be easy to read and remember. The domain name is leased to enterprises and individuals with annual payment. Second-level domains can consist of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet

In the .РФ zone, the Russian alphabet is used (for example, the best web projects.rf). As the owner of a second-level domain, you can create an unlimited number of addresses of the third and further levels. For example, the web studio “Best Web projects” owns the domain and can create for itself a third-level domain, for example, or