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CMS-Content Management System

We develop websites in the PHP programming language and use different content management systems depending on the project. There are many companies on the Russian market offering paid and free CMS (Content Management System).

What is a CMS? - This is a content management system, in other words, a “site engine”. This software - allows you to manage the structure and content of the site.

Most commonly used:

- Paid engines - 1C-Bitrix, Shop-Script, WebAsyst Shop-Script, Simpla, VamShop ...

- Free engines (free) - Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Opencart ....

Using the engine will allow your employee who does not have the skills of a web designer or programmer to maintain the site: add, update and edit information on the site. Managing the site is really SIMPLE and enough minimal knowledge of MS Word!

CMS-Content Management System

Even the most popular cms content management systems can lead to a “stupor” of a beginner in site administration. Therefore, if you do not know what a content management system is, then shift the care of this issue to the shoulders of professionals.

In fact, if you ever thought about how to post materials on a site, group photos, create sections and publish articles, it occurred to you that there is a certain section that is visible only to the site administrator that has “keys” to it . This cherished place is called in English CMS-Content Management System. Upon entering it, you get the right to edit any materials and sections of the site, delete and add pages, and even, sometimes, change the look of the site.

All control systems have their own interface, some are intuitive, some cannot be comprehended without special skills. Of course, in any large bookstore you can find dozens of publications on the topic “content management system in 10 days,” but, as you know, such tutorials rarely lead owners to the least acceptable results. In order not to lose time, it is better to transfer content management to professionals.

Installing and configuring a content management system can be compared to installing a Windows operating system on a computer where it has never been. In order for the site to work stably, the cms management system must be well-chosen, have the necessary version and clearly meet your requirements, because all cms have certain advantages and disadvantages when dealing with different issues.

Many entrepreneurs, both beginners and those who have already taken their first steps in business, are interested in where to get the engine for the online store. When creating a resource that can bring a huge income to the owner, you cannot rely on free and unverified options that can be found on torrents or in cloud collections.

An online store requires a lot of work, and the resource should not fail, it must be convenient, support integration with payment systems of any country, and much, much more. The development of an online store is one of the most expensive services among website development, but we try to help our customers realize their desire to have a store at reasonable prices.